Export and Import


- Receipt of export cargo
- In-house customs Examination
- Export cargo aggregation and storage
- Reshipment Disinfestation of containers as well as of export cargo


- Movement of import containers from the port
- De- stuffing of LCL and FCL containers
- Customs examination
- Bonded warehousing facilities

Customs Clearance

Our services includes

- Assistance in transportation arrangements from the vendor in the      country of origin, to your door
Suggestions regarding packing and labeling
- Placing cargo insurance on your purchase to protect your interests  in case of loss, damage, or pilferage
Ensuring that you are aware of Customs regulations regarding  marking and other important facts that may affect your merchandise  when it is imported or exported
- Classifying your merchandise and maintaining knowledge of  changes in classification practices that could affect the duties  applicable to the shipment
- Analyzing your import program to determine costs of packing,    transport, entry, and delivery to yourself or your customers
Providing ongoing consultations to improve and simplify your  importing program
- Our highly trained and motivated staffs have analysis skills for  deciding the best method and price  for transporting goods, and good  organizational ability in order to carry it out. You can be rest  assured  that you are in safe hands. Relax, Ethio Port Logistic Solution Plc.

Ocean Freight

Ethiopia is Land Locked Country and we use the port of Djibouti. The modern port offers fast and efficient handling thus ensuring speedy offloading and loading of containers from the vessels. So traders can plan their inventory accordingly.
Encompassing the complete spectrum of Ship Management activities, specifically:
- Cargo and Ocean Freight Forwarding
- Ship's Agency
- Chartering/Cargo Booking
- Ship Management / ship Handling
- Insurance

Supply Chain Management

Ethio-port provides extensive supply chain logistics services to our customers. Our service covers full range of supply chain activities. We offer parts procurement support, parts stock management, pick and pack and kitting operations, export and import operations, reverse logistics, value added service.
In the context of the retail industry, Ethio-port has the ability to link various elements of the supply    chain and add flexibility to the processes needed to meet all your business Demands. In partnering  with us, you can expect improved visibility in the supply chain,real time responsiveness and constant communication, and improved fleet productivity.

Clearing and forwarding

Ethio-Port  Freight offers cost effective and timely clearing and forwarding services both for sea and air shipments in Ethiopia and Djibouti. We provide the full range of customs clearing and international freight forwarding services. Experienced Customs Clearing personnel are available in all Ethio-Port offices to assist with tariff classifications, audits and detailed costing. We have adopted business processes and systems that interface.
With   third   party   systems   notably   the   Ethiopian   Customs Authority   and   that  of   key airlines. Our personnel   maintain  daily   contact   with   the   various   Government Departments,   while   the company’s   smooth interfacing   with   the   relevant   authority  allows for the completion of customs clearance processes in the shortest possible time.Choosing Ethio-Port assures you of accurate, speedy and efficient customs clearance and freigt Forwarding. Ethio-Port   Logistics   simplifies   your customs   processing   by   clearing   all commercial documents, reduces cargo delays   and   costs   associated   by obtaining proper license and permits and providing full assistance with ban king transactions   and   customs   dut payments.  Our well versed and dedicated customs clearance team is eager to complete all the   necessary   procedures and documentations   for   all   types   of shipment.

Machinery Rental

We provide the finest selection of ready-to-work equipment in the industry. Whether your needs are mining, construction or road, we offer competitive rates for your day,week, or monthly equipment requirements.
- Excavators
- Wheel Loaders
- Dozers
- Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs)
- Backhoes
- Fuel truck including Jet A1
- Skid Steer Loaders
- Rollers
- Attachment For Individual Applications
- Water Truck
- Tip Trucks

Air Freight

Air freight is a vital component essential in managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, information and other resources like products, services, and people, from the source of production to the marketplace. Our non-asset-based functioning means that we don't have our own aircraft to fill, which provides us with unrestricted access to virtually unlimited capacity.
We offer airfreight service worldwide. Prices offered to over 750 airports. Door-to-Door rates and services available. Ethiopia’s proximity to the East as well as the West places us in an ideal position to handle airfreight shipments worldwide, both exports and import. The number of airlines operating to and from Addis Ababa means that there are a vast number of services available, but the standards and transit times between different carriers can vary considerably. As can the rates available from them. It is therefore so important to have the benefit of expert advice and the knowledge of experience, and that is where Ethio-Prot Logistic Plc. Comes in.

Packing and Moving

Our large network of reputed agents worldwide, combined with our know-how enables us to perform any move by air, sea or overland to every destination quickly, efficiently and most importantly, safely. We are thus able to provide our clients with an outstanding Door-to-Door move, where everything is taken care of by us. Your import and export customs requirements can easily be handled by our experienced partners, stationed at each customs house. Knowing all the ropes, they can tackle the most complicated situation.

Project Cargos

Ethiopia being a developing country, we have a huge number of ongoing and upcoming projects which has a lot of cargo been imported. Ethio-Port Freight Logistic Plc., being already experienced with handling the project cargos, it will be an ease to our customers to import. We have an impeccable track record and take pride in it.
We Move over-sized or heavy lift cargo, equipment, machinery or components from and to Ethiopia. Feasibility study, on road conditions, transport routes and site conditions for over-sized cargo, factory removal. ROLL-ON/ROLL-OFF SERVICES No matter what sort of cargo you have, we have a solution for it. Remember, we are the "One Stop Shopping" for your shipping needs

Sea Air Service

Ethiopia is strategically the Horn of Africa and that makes Ethiopia the most Import hub for Sea- Air Services. We handle enormous of volume of sea-air shipments for our customers in Europe, America and Middle East.The first leg of the journey for Sea/Air shipments is by sea, from the Far East and the Indian Sub-Continent. The shipments are cleared within 3 Days of arrival at the port and are transferred to Free Zone for onward carriage to their destination. The salient features of our services are:
- Shipment flown to destination as booked
- Efficient and safe handling at all points of handling
- Competitive Air Freight and Sea Freight rates
- Competitive local handling charges

Inland Transportation

Reliable and on time delivery of goods is a key to yur business and one of our primary services. To meet your specific transportation needs, Ethio-port offers an array of inland transportation services. We own Ten more Cargo Truck fleets for transporting containers and cargo from and to Djibouti port. The capacities of the trucks are suitable for both '20' and '40' containers. We have also a Low bed truck for loading of heavy machineries.
Ethio-port also has a long term agreement with three highly organized transport associations to provide a reliable and fast transport service at the most affordable and competitive price. These trucking partners own more than 300 trucks all fully insured.


We offer our customers modern, Spacious and secure Warehousing   options   in Addis Ababa   and   Djibouti   that   meet their unique needs. Our facilities include storage of cargo in cold rooms   as   well   as   in   general, transit and bonded warehouses.In Addis   Ababa.   We   are   fully equipped   with   forklifts   (normal and clamp),hand jacks, ladders, weighing   machines   fitted   with rollers   for   ease   of   loading   and off loading. Our warehouses are secured 24 hours a day with 24 hour,   security personnel   and   manager   within   the   premises.   We   pride   ourselves   in having zero pilferage at our warehouses and assure our customers of security when they store their cargo at Ethi-Port.


Ethio-Port boasts of a vehicle fleet of many trucks in Addis Ababa and Djibouti. Our fleet meets high international safety standards and our drivers are guided by our policy at Ethio-Port of ‘Safety First’. Ethio-Port drivers have undergone training in defensive driving making us among the top transport safety team in Ethiopia. All our drivers adhere to high road safety standards contributing to incident and accident free, efficient and timely Transportation of cargo. Our fleet comprises of expendable trailers, tippers, tankers and low loaders, cranes, forklifts and vehicle carriers for standard and out of gauge cargo.